Raar stands for real architecture, architectural research. Raar develops architectural concepts that create sustainable benefit to society worldwide. Concepts of Raar are characterized by relevance for society. Raar draws architecture broader than just the design of buildings and thereby gives a new meaning to architecture. Creating a better world by developing inspiring concepts and design concepts that can increase the pleasure of life. Raar designs and develops concepts to upgrade our lives.


Raar believes that it is time for change, evolution within the built environment , evolution in architecture . Wouldn’t it be great if the contemporary architecture is closer to our present world?

Raar wants to develop architecture further . Pull architecture in a broader perspective. Developping progressive concepts, that add value to society . Concepts where ecological and economic aspects play an important role. Develop sustainable concepts that enhance the pleasure of living. Concepts where society can enjoy from.

Raar examines the current street, in the current lifestyle, inside and outside the architecture and urban design opportunities for innovative concepts . Objects and items that are screaming for innovation. Objects that can be redeveloped again. Giving a new meaning to existing objects. These concepts lead to Real Architecture. Make something from nothing. The concepts can bring a transformation on different scales. From product development to urban planning.

Raar thinks from today's needs without losing the sustainable aspect out of sight. With the development of architecture Raar can bring endless change in society. Changes that will lead to an improvement in the quality of life within the built environment and in everyday life.